Don’t Forget the Polarising Filter

These days it is easy to associate the term “filter” with post-processing rather than describing something you attach to the front of your lens.  But one “on camera” filter that really should be included in the kit of any photographer of landscapes or other outdoor subjects is the Polariser.

If your subject includes water, sky or foliage a polariser can, in the right situation, greatly enhance the saturation of your colours before you even get to post-processing.  In addition, just like polarised sunglasses, the filter can let the camera “see” through water more clearly by cutting down reflections.

 Polariser 01 web

A Polariser is great for emphasising clouds

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Take a Photographic Journey Without the Travel Time

Have you noticed that when you travel to somewhere new you have no trouble finding subjects and inspiration to make you get the camera out, try some new (or tried and true) techniques and hopefully create some of those special images?  For most of us, day to day life can tend to get in the way of a “photography fix” and we can’t all be travelling, all the time.

But there is a solution that can give you the chance to get out there, try a whole range of photographic types, get some great shots and even learn a bit about your local area.

Photo Journey 03web

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Eight Features of Your Camera That Will Improve Your Photography

When you decide to take your photography beyond the fully automatic “point and shoot” stage you find that, not only do you increase your chances of capturing some great shots, but you also experience the added satisfaction of knowing that you have captured these shots because you applied the techniques necessary to achieve the result you were after.  Not only that, but when you make the decisions yourself, rather than leaving them all to the camera, you are more likely to be able to achieve good results in the future, because you have experimented and found out what worked and what didn’t. Continue reading “Eight Features of Your Camera That Will Improve Your Photography”

Five Things to Remember When Photographing Buildings, Bridges etc

Almost everywhere you go you will find buildings, bridges and so on that just cry out to be photographed, but often the results don’t quite convey what you pictured at the time.  Because such structures vary so much in their size, design and surroundings there are no hard and fast rules as to the best way to photograph them all.  However, if you think about the following points each time, you will definitely increase your chances of taking home that spectacular image you were aiming for.

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